Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The World Stage 1, and ADA Report

   Hello everyone, it has been very busy the past couple of months. In March I went to Hong Kong for the ADA (formally Bullshooter Asia). This has always been a great tournament and nothing has changed. The tournament was nothing short of fantastic. I finished Top 16 in Top Gun Singles, 3rd in Doubles with JohnnyK, and 3 in Triples with David Fatum, and Ray Carver. It was a pleasure shooting with all of my partners for the weekend.

   JohnnyK, Colleen and I spent the next week in Macau China and let me tell you that was a real treat. We went sight seeing and shot a bunch of darts and everyone was so great. I can not thank Alex, Joseph, Chris, and everyone else enough for all of your hospitality. It was a great week.

   On Friday we found our way back to Hong Kong for The World Stage 1 at IDarts. On Saturday we had the shootout which seeds you for the main event on Sunday. My good friend Paul Lim had the high score when I took my turn. I was lucky enough to hit some good darts at the end of the game and win the shootout by just a few points. That meant that I would be the #1 Seed for the main event on Sunday. It was the first time that I have won that so I was very excited. 

   Sunday started good, I won my first 2 matches then I had to play Robby Modra from Australia. It was a tough match but I made it through 3-1. My next match was against Atsuki Mizuguchi. He is a great player from Japan. I kept up my strong play with the victory 3-1, now on to the Quarter Finals. 

   My Quarter Final match was against one of the most consistent players in the world over the last few years Lourence Ilagan. Again it was a very tough match but I was able to get the win 3-1. Now is when it gets fun. 

   DARTSLIVE puts on one heck of a show and I was in the 1st Semi-Final Match against Royden Lam. Man was this a hard match. I got off to a very fast start and won the first to games. Game 3 was 701, I started with 4 Hat Tricks in a row to leave 101. I hit the Bullseye to leave 51. I just missed the triple 17 low and then just missed the double in the same fashion. Royden, being the class player that he is stepped up and hit a 128 finish to take the game. I had the start in the next game of Cricket. We played a great game of back and forth and I was lucky enough to hit a big shot at the end to seal the game. What a match! On to the Finals.

   My good friends Randy "Big Dog" Van Deursen and Paul Lim played a great match with Paul coming out on top. I have know Paul for many years and he has always been on the people that I have really looked up to in the game. Not to mention he just won The World Finals in Dec. for over $128,000.00. I knew I had my hands full to say the least. The match went with the throw for the first 4 games with Paul winning the 701 and myself winning the Cricket games. Paul won the diddle and the start. I had a couple of chances in the game and I just missed. Paul was the better player today.I am proud of the match that we played even though Paul won in the tie breaker. He has always been a class act and I can not tell you how much I appreciate what he has done for our game. I would like to thank the whole DARTSLIVE Staff for running such a great tournament and giving all of us a chance to play the game that we love. 

   I will be back later in the week to give a report on the NDA World Championships, Wisconsin State Championships, and everything that is happening with DARTSLIVE. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments please let me know. Thanks again.

Scott Kirchner


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