Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DARTSLIVE Welcome to the Mid-West Tournament

   This past weekend we had the DARTSLIVE Welcome to the Mid-West Tournament here in Janesville Wis. The weekend started off with the DARTSLIVE team of Robert, Chris and Toku coming in and showing us how to build the great DARTSLIVE EX boards. With the help of Jake, Bama, Anthony, Ryan, and Jason we were able to get the 10 boards built without any problems at all. We had put the first 5 boards in place and set up the tables for evening. On Friday night Bobbleheads had the regular L.O.D. tournament played on the normal boards.  The first L.O.D. went fairly quickly and all of the players wanted to play another one on the new DARTSLIVE boards. Boy was that a big hit. I know how much I love these boards so it was great seeing everyone enjoying them as much as me.

   We had to be in very early on Saturday to finish the set up of the other 5 boards and get everything ready for what I was sure would be a big day. As we were setting for the event that was to start at 1pm players were already getting there at 9am. As we finished the set up I noticed that there was a big group of players already there so we started taking sign ups. By noon we already had 100 signed up. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. We had players from 7 different states, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, and California. The Count up Challenge was first up. There were 3 groups based on PPD averages. In the top division C Randy Big Dog Van Deursen was the winner of the $100.00 first prize. In division B it was Mike S. winning the big money. In division A it was Bear with the win.

   The next event was the L.O.D. that started at 5pm. We had 110 shooters in this awesome event. Things ran very smoothly and before long we were down to the final 4. In the first semi-finals it was Jake Kirchner and Ryan Olson narrowly beating Big Dog and Toni. In the other semi-final it was Randy Lee and partner against Scott Ferrian and Buck, with Scott and Buck winning in the end. The Finals was a great match that seen Jake and Ryan come out on top in the tie-breaker game winning $640.00. It was great shooting all day by everyone and no one wanted it to end. As the finals were being played the players asked if we could have another L.O.D. The players just could not get enough playing on the DARTSLIVE boards.

   The last L.O.D. of the weekend was started at about 10 pm. We had 44 die hard players stick around to play and enjoy darts and friends. In the end it was Joel Cullen and Lil Dobber winning the winners side and Porky and Mike Olson coming thru the losers side. They ended up splitting in the end as time was running short and we had to finish up. In the end it was an incredible day of events. I would like to personally thank everyone who help us run the tournament because it was a true team effort. In particular I would like to thank Troy and Michelle Finn for setting up and running the tournaments, and my wife Juda for taking all of the sign ups and helping run the Count Up Challenge. We couldn't have done it without you guys.

   Sunday mornings start WAY TO EARLY again...lol. We were back at Bobbleheads Bar and Grill at 8am to tear down all of the boards and clean up. A huge thank you goes out to Jake, Ryan, Mike, TJ, Robert, Chris, and Toku for making such a great tear down team. In the end I couldn't believe that it was all over so quickly. I can not tell you how much I appreciate all of the support that I received while setting this up and running it. A big thank you to Bob the owner of Bobbleheads, Bullseye Mary, and the DARTSLIVE Crew for making this possible. This is only the start of things here in the Mid-West for DARTSLIVE but wow what a way to kick it off. Thank you again everyone and I hope to see you all in Vegas in September for the US Open/World Stage 7. Take care and I will talk to you all soon.

Scott Kirchner

Friday, June 1, 2012


   Hello everyone, as many of you have heard I signed with DARTSLIVE USA to be the Mid-West Sales and Promotions Rep. This is a great honor for me to be working with such a great company and great people. I can not tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity to work with them in bringing the game that I love so much to the highest level. I was unable to play in the Bullshooter World Championships last week for the first time in 22 years because of my commitment to DARTSLIVE USA. I knew that if I signed with DARTSLIVE I would be banned by Arachnid from playing in their tournament. As much as I loved this tournament I knew it was the right choice to commit to DARTSLIVE and show how much I believe in what we are doing here at DARTSLIVE USA. I will do everything in my power to help make DARTSLIVE USA success that I know it will be.

  As my first promotion with DARTSLIVE USA we are having the DARTSLIVE Welcome to the Mid-West Tournament in Janesville Wi. at Bobbleheads Bar and Grill on June 9th. This is the first of many promotions that we will be having in this area. Here is all of the info:

DARTSLIVE Welcome Tournament 

June 9th 

Bobbleheads Bar and Grill
2709 S US Highway 51 Janesville, WI 53546
(608) 752-8910

12pm Card Registration will begin.

Count Up Challange 1pm - 3:30pm (Free to Play)

Please make sure to bring Stats for PPD or MPR to receive your Dartslive Rating.
(If you do not have your ave. you will be placed in the highest div.)

There will be 3 Div. A,B,C based on your average.
Each Div. will give out a prize for the top 4 places.

1st $100.00
2nd $50.00
3rd $30.00
4th $20.00

L.O.D. Dart Tournament Sign up at 12pm until 4pm. Shoot at 5pm. $10.00 Entry Fee.

DARTSLIVE will be adding $500.00 cash and extra prizes to the event.
The boards will be on Free Play all day long.
Each player will receive a Free Dartslive Players Card.

If you have any questions please contact me. Thank you very much.

I would also like to personally invite everyone to the DARTSLIVE US Open event in Las Vegas Sept. 28-30. This is the first major event that DARTSLIVE is putting on here in the USA and believe me when I say it is going to be awesome. This is the link to the flier for the event: DARTSLIVE Welcome Tournament.


If you have any questions or just want to say hello, please just send me a message on here or on Facebook. Thanks again for reading and I will check in again soon. Shoot well but most of all have fun.

Scott Kirchner

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The World Stage 1, and ADA Report

   Hello everyone, it has been very busy the past couple of months. In March I went to Hong Kong for the ADA (formally Bullshooter Asia). This has always been a great tournament and nothing has changed. The tournament was nothing short of fantastic. I finished Top 16 in Top Gun Singles, 3rd in Doubles with JohnnyK, and 3 in Triples with David Fatum, and Ray Carver. It was a pleasure shooting with all of my partners for the weekend.

   JohnnyK, Colleen and I spent the next week in Macau China and let me tell you that was a real treat. We went sight seeing and shot a bunch of darts and everyone was so great. I can not thank Alex, Joseph, Chris, and everyone else enough for all of your hospitality. It was a great week.

   On Friday we found our way back to Hong Kong for The World Stage 1 at IDarts. On Saturday we had the shootout which seeds you for the main event on Sunday. My good friend Paul Lim had the high score when I took my turn. I was lucky enough to hit some good darts at the end of the game and win the shootout by just a few points. That meant that I would be the #1 Seed for the main event on Sunday. It was the first time that I have won that so I was very excited. 

   Sunday started good, I won my first 2 matches then I had to play Robby Modra from Australia. It was a tough match but I made it through 3-1. My next match was against Atsuki Mizuguchi. He is a great player from Japan. I kept up my strong play with the victory 3-1, now on to the Quarter Finals. 

   My Quarter Final match was against one of the most consistent players in the world over the last few years Lourence Ilagan. Again it was a very tough match but I was able to get the win 3-1. Now is when it gets fun. 

   DARTSLIVE puts on one heck of a show and I was in the 1st Semi-Final Match against Royden Lam. Man was this a hard match. I got off to a very fast start and won the first to games. Game 3 was 701, I started with 4 Hat Tricks in a row to leave 101. I hit the Bullseye to leave 51. I just missed the triple 17 low and then just missed the double in the same fashion. Royden, being the class player that he is stepped up and hit a 128 finish to take the game. I had the start in the next game of Cricket. We played a great game of back and forth and I was lucky enough to hit a big shot at the end to seal the game. What a match! On to the Finals.

   My good friends Randy "Big Dog" Van Deursen and Paul Lim played a great match with Paul coming out on top. I have know Paul for many years and he has always been on the people that I have really looked up to in the game. Not to mention he just won The World Finals in Dec. for over $128,000.00. I knew I had my hands full to say the least. The match went with the throw for the first 4 games with Paul winning the 701 and myself winning the Cricket games. Paul won the diddle and the start. I had a couple of chances in the game and I just missed. Paul was the better player today.I am proud of the match that we played even though Paul won in the tie breaker. He has always been a class act and I can not tell you how much I appreciate what he has done for our game. I would like to thank the whole DARTSLIVE Staff for running such a great tournament and giving all of us a chance to play the game that we love. 

   I will be back later in the week to give a report on the NDA World Championships, Wisconsin State Championships, and everything that is happening with DARTSLIVE. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments please let me know. Thanks again.

Scott Kirchner

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A new ERA!!!

Hello everyone, I am sorry it has been so long since my last post. A lot has happened since I have last posted. I signed with L-Style Flight a few months ago and I love them. They have been great to work with and I should have my Signature Series Flights out before to long now. I will let everyone know when that happens. I have been looking for a full time sponsor for a while now I have finally come to the end I believe. I will be making a major announcement as soon as it is finalized. I will be updating the Blog on a weekly basis now. If anyone has any questions please feel free to just post them on here or send me a message. I will answer all that I can. Thank you very much for reading. Shoot well and most of all have fun.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Catching Up

Hello everyone, sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have had many thing going on in my family life, but I will get to that later in my blog. As far as darts go I was supposed to go to Shanghai China last week for a huge Steel Tip Tournament. Everything was all set up for me to go when I was talking to a friend who was also going. He asked me if I had my Visa. I could have thrown up! This was Thursday night and as I found out the next day, the Visa office was closed on Friday and Monday. This meant I would not be able to get my Visa until Tuesday night at the earliest. My flight was scheduled for Monday morning so I would have to change it. The earliest I would be able to fly out was going to be Wednesday morning now. This would have put me into China Thursday late afternoon. I would have missed the whole first day of play at the tournament. This added to the fact it would have cost me almost double to change my flight, I decided this was not to be so I canceled the trip. I am very disappointed that I had to miss this great event and am very grateful for the invitation from the Chinese Dart Authorities. I will definitely will be making the trip next year.

I will be playing in some dart tournaments over the next few weeks here in Wisconsin and Illinois. This weekend will be a very special tournament as it will also be a benefit for a very close friend of mine named Ben Dersch. He has been sick and had to have surgery. He will be off work for a while so we are counting on our fellow dart players to help out a friend in need. The tournament will be at: THE CELLAR 112 ROWELL ST. BEAVER DAM WI. If anyone of you will be in the area please stop in and show your support. We will be having many raffles and door prizes, including a stand up Valley Dart Board. There will also be many other prizes. If you can not attend but would still like to make a donation please e-mail me at juda10010@yahoo.com and I will give you the address to send it to. Thank you for anything you may give. Hope to see many of you there. I will give the results of the tournament next week.

As for the family, my daughter Tracie and Ryan had their baby!! Me and Juda are the PROUD Grandparents of Conner Ryan Olson. He is doing great and growing like a weed.I will add a picture for everyone to see. He might just be the cutest baby ever. I might also might be bias...lol.

My son Jake has been sick for a couple of months now. He went to the hospital back in Aug. for stomach pain. They thought it was just a stomach virus so they treated it and it went away. It came back again and last week they did many tests on him. They think it is Crohn's Disease. He will have another test next week in Madison to verify it, but Crohn's is what the signs point to now. I just want them to figure it out so they can treat him, he has been sick way to long. I just want him to feel better.

Juda and I just celebrated our 11th anniversary. We have been together for 22 years now, who knew she could put up with me for that long...lol. Things have been crazy around the house as well. We moved last month to a much smaller travel friendly home. It will be so nice not having to worry about snow removal and lawn care while I am gone. I would like to thank everyone who reads my posts and if you have any ideas for new posts please let me know and I will do my best to answer it. Good luck, shoot great, and most of all have fun. I will talk to everyone next week.